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About Me

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Welcome to Donuts2Crumpets!
I'm Petra - a wife, mother and food lover - and I'm so happy you are here!  They say cooks cook to nurture and I couldn't agree more.  I love to gather around the table or in the kitchen with family and friends to share a good meal or a favorite treat.  There is something therapeutic about the smell of freshly baked bread or cookies, the scent of simmering beef bourguignon, or the aroma of roasting potatoes.  Good food has the ability to bring us together and help us create fun memories.

I'm a self-taught cook and baker who was born across the sea in England, married on the East Coast in Maryland, and currently live in Riverton, Utah.  My recipes are a fun mix of everything from donuts, (my American life), to crumpets, (my English roots!)  I have a deep passion for food and love to help others increase their confidence in the kitchen and find a love of cooking by sharing quick, easy and wildly delicious recipes that anyone can make!  

I've been married to my sweet hubby, Mike, for 28 years and we have two kids, Dee & Mike Jr and a sweet little fur baby named Miles. This blog is a journal of our favorite food adventures that I put together so my kids would have all of our favorite recipes, so come join me in my kitchen and let's start cooking! 

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