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2 Minute Donuts

OK, so maybe they are more like ten minute donuts, but truly, they are done in a flash and are oh-so-yummy!!!!  You will be your families hero if you whip up a batch of these!!!

Pillsbury refrigerated buttermilk biscuits (the kind that are small and come in a four tube pack)
Vegetable or canola oil for frying
Powdered sugar
(See alternate topping options below)

To make the glaze:  Whisk a couple of cups of powdered sugar, (depends on how many donuts you are making), a few splashes of milk and a drizzle of vanilla in a bowl until smooth and the desired consistency. Set aside.

To make the donuts:  Heat 2 inches of oil over medium-high heat to about 350 degrees in a 4-quart dutch oven.  (I have also done it in a skillet, but it feels safer with the deeper pan).  While it is heating, separate each tube of biscuits into 10 biscuits.  With a 1-inch cookie cutter, (or I pull the squeezy end off my turkey baster and use that), cut a hole in the center of each of the biscuits.  Drop about six biscuits at a time in to the hot oil.  Fry about 30 seconds or until golden brown, then flip over with a slotted spoon. When they are the right color, remove from the oil and place on a paper towel lined plate.  Dip the donuts in the glaze on both sides while warm*.  Set on a serving plate.  (We set up an assembly line. One of us is frying the donuts while the other is dipping them in glaze.)  Throw the holes in the oil and toss them with your spoon until brown.  Drop them in the glaze too.

*Note:  You can also heat your favorite frosting or Nutella and dip the donuts in the warm frosting on one side. Add sprinkles, toasted coconut, chopped nuts or mini chocolate chips.  Or you can just toss them in granulated sugar straight out of the fryer. We like the glaze because they taste like warm Krispy Kremes to us :)


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