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Beef Stir Fry

Stir fry to me is all about using whatever ingredients you have on hand, preparing everything you can ahead, (as pictured above), and then adding the flavors that suit your palate.  One of Mike's band mates came over to show us how to stir fry and it was a fun time for all with some yumminess served up at the end.

For this stir fry I sauteed grated ginger and garlic in canola oil in the wok.  I then sauteed the meat in the garlic and ginger mixture, cooking until medium rare.  I took out the meat and put it to the side in a clean bowl, leaving the drippings in the wok for later use.  

I blanched the broccoli in a pot of boiling water and then did the same with the carrots. (Keeping them separate.)  In a separate frying pan I sauteed broccoli with onions in canola oil with more ginger and garlic and set that to the side.  I did the same with the carrots and snap peas (sauteing them separately because they all take different times), and added them to the bowl with the broccoli.  

In a clean pot I boiled some more water and added the noodles for about 2 mins until they were just soft, then I drained them and fried them in the oiled frying pan I had used for sauteing the veggies.    

At this point I was ready to put everything together.  I added some beef broth to the drippings that had been sitting in the wok and thickened that up just slightly with a little cornstarch mixed with water.  I added some oyster sauce, a very small amount of sesame oil and fish sauce, some sweet soy sauce, a splash of rice vinegar, a drizzle of honey, some schirachi, some grated ginger and some black pepper.  Once it was all gently boiling I tasted it and added more of whatever I thought it needed to make it deliciously sweet and as spicy as we wanted it.  I then returned the meat and all the vegetables to the wok and fried them in the sauce for a few minutes, then served that meat and veggie mixture over the fried noodles.

Maybe I made this sound complicated, but it really wasn't.  The flavor combinations made me swoon.  You could use chicken or pork, peppers, baby corn, mini onions, water chestnuts... the possibilities are really quite endless.


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